YOU NEED JESUS - Never forget that.


Some time ago the Holy Spirit put a picture into my mind. And I saw:

. A man.

. In the center of a large circle area.

. Completely alone -no friend - no help- no one to even speak up for him.

. No shelter - nothing to hide behind.

. No weapon  or shield.

. Naked - no padding - no cushion of clothing.

. Beaten already beyond what anyone can imagine.

. Weakened by abuse before & on the way to this place.

. A crowd - Around the edge of the circle area.

. Many - and they were individuals large and strong.

. Equipped with the most heinous weapons that could be dreamed up.

. Angry and passionately ready to strike.

. Not only were they ready but they did strike.

. They threw at the man all they had at once and non stop. The man took all the full force alone.

The crowd/enemy: all the devil's forces together.

The Man: Jesus Christ our Savior on the Cross.

And He did it for you and for me.